180921aWith a touch of SEC magic, an old, retired fire engine has become a state-of-the-art display vehicle and the team at SEC Works have really enjoyed working on this lovely old truck.

She’s an end of service fire engine which has been converted on behalf of the Fire Brigade Union. The fire engine has undergone a bespoke conversion and is now equipped with many modern features, including:

  • Sophisticated sound system housed in the internal lockers
  • External TVs fitted into hand-made cabinets
  • Staff catering facilities and sleeping area
  • Roof platform for presentations and speeches

Teams from SE Coachworks and SEC Signworks worked together on this project with Coachworks providing structural and electrical work and Signworks fitting the snazzy graphics and reflecting hatching. The truck is a great example of how the high standards of workmanship across SEC’s different teams come together to produce a beautifully converted vehicle.

The Fire Brigade Union is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018 and this beautifully converted truck will play a key role in helping the Union carry out its important work on behalf of members.